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Coatings, Thin Films, Multi Layer Devices & Systems - I

Materials organized in multiple layers via innovative processes have been the hallmark of advances in materials to devices and systems paradigm. Single layer applications still perform as work horses in metallurgical coatings primarily for protection against corrosion, wear and oxidation wherein the substrate is the main functional part and the engineered surfaces are for enhancing its performance and life extension. At the other end of spectrum are the multi-layer materials which have been primarily systems and device driven led by electronics and followed in applications of thin film sensors and instrumentation and of late in energy devices such as solar cells, fuel cells and batteries.

The application space has exploded many fold, mainly due to advances in processes as in synthesis methods of new and conventional materials, innovative hybrid techniques of deposition together with concurrent or post thermal processes. Thin film processes have evolved from high vacuum - high purity precursors for electronics to non vacuum methods based on colloids, gels and inks wherein deposition and thermal processing are separated. Thus various process innovations have centred around energy quanta, length scale and time constants involved in processes giving rise to not only in-situ materials processing but also enabling functionality in multi-layers.

Evolution from performance enhancement of coatings to complex functional multi -materials and multi layered thin and thick films have seen tremendous progress in the last decade. It is timely and appropriate to take stock of advances in materials, processes and devices in a systems perspective.

The 1st International Conferences on Coatings, Thin Films , Multi Layer Devices & Systems - I will focus on innovation and development of multilayer systems and devices with following themes

  1. Coatings, thin films and multi layer materials for Surface Engineering & Substrate Protection
  2. Multi layer materials & Processes for Energy Devices
  3. Multilayer materials and Processes for sensors
  4. Multilayer Coatings for biomedical devices
  5. Materials, Processes for Electronic Devices

The conference is planned with full three days programme with plenary, key note and invited presentation from top international researchers. A poster session is also planned. Selected paper of the conference will be published in a special issue of international journal.

Organizing Committee

Chair:Dr. K.Balasubramanian [NFTDC, Hyderabad, INDIA]
Co-Chair:Prof Margaret May Stack [University of Strathclyde]
Convenor:Dr. Manish Roy [DMRL, Hyderabad, INDIA] & Dr. Hareesha Iddya [NFTDC, Hyderabad, INDIA]

Important Deadlines

Abstract submission: 15 Aug 2016
Poster submission: 30 Sep 2016
Confirmation of presentation: 31 Oct 2016

For further enquiries

Email: organiser@multilayer-conf.in

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